Course Tiers
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The course catalog is separated into tiers, these tiers represent the level of complexity for each course. The tiers reflect the complexity of the subject matter not necessarily the skill level of the learner.

Breadth of learning refers to the full span of knowledge of a subject. The range of concepts explored.

Depth of learning refers to the extent to which specific topics are focused upon and explored. The level of detail.

Tier 0 “New to Mining”

The concepts are broad, introduced and explained in the course content. Terminology is defined and the learner does not need any knowledge prior to taking the course.

Tier 1 “Introductory”

The concepts are general, new ideas are explored in the course content. New or specific terminology is defined. Learner would benefit from general knowledge in the subject area. Prior learning may be recommended.

Tier 2 “Intermediate”

The concepts and topics discussed may be more specific and narrow. Concepts are complex and detailed. The learner will need prior knowledge in the subject matter. Prior learning will be recommended.

Tier 3 “Advanced”

The concepts and topics are specific and focused. Concepts are complex and detailed. Prior knowledge and required learning will be essential to comprehend the content.

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