After creating a project, you may want to explore different or new scenarios from existing projects – it will allow you to explore creative alternative strategies for your project, while preserving any original project.

In the new scenario, you will be able to adjust values in a way that you can manipulate values in the original project – essentially creating an exact copy of the original that can be edited, saved, or deleted as its own project (but remains under the original).

Start by going to the Project List page. To create a new scenario, hover over the original project that you wish to clone.

Select New Scenario and click Continue from the pop-up to proceed

At this point, you can rename this project by going back to the Project Setup page and then navigate to the next pages.

Feel free to change any of the previous values to show a different result in the summary reports.

Your new scenario will be under your original project and can be edited and worked on at any time.

We encourage exploring the abilities granted to you by the Scenarios feature of Evaluate. By investigating the effect of altering different values, you may be surprised to learn the effects that seem to be minor at first but greatly affect the economic potential of the project.

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