To begin, head to and click Login in the top right corner of the screen. Follow the instructions to either log in with your credentials or sign up.

Once logged in an on the home screen, click on either Project List in the top navigation bar or Get Started with Your Project towards the bottom right of your screen.

From your Project List page, click on Create New Project to get started.

Now you will see your first screen, Project Setup. It is from these inputs that our application will make its initial calculations.

Enter in the applicable data to get started. This includes:

  • Project Name

  • Country

  • Province/State

  • Type of Camp

  • Distance to Infrastructure

As a note: Most of the basic data required can be found in an NI 43-101 document.

Once happy with your inputs, click on NEXT - Mining Data. Here, on the Mine Production Data page, you will be asked for two inputs:

  • Total Minable Resources (tonnes)

  • Stripping Ratio

Once you have filled these in, click Calculate Mine Cost. Using these few basic inputs, Evaluate's engineering based platform can show you the preliminary mine operation and capital costs for your project.

From here, we recommend you click the Download Total Project Cost Summary and then continue to fine tune your project by clicking on NEXT - Operating Data.

From here you can create your phases for you project. The information that is required to continue from this screen is listed below:

  • Pre-Production Period

  • Pre-Production Stripping

  • Deposit Type

  • Commodity (once selected this will fill in a number of the required fields based on our calculations and previous projects, please edit as necessary or use ours!)

  • Price (pre-filled based on commodity selection)

  • Grade¬†

  • Refining Cost (pre-filled based on commodity selection)

  • Smelter Payments (pre-filled based on commodity selection)

  • Smelter Deductions

  • Depletion Rate

  • Smelting Charge

  • Transportation Cost

  • Ore Mineral

  • Gangue Mineral

  • Run-of-Mine Feed Size (pre-filled based on Deposit Type)

  • Final Grind Size (pre-filled based on Deposit Type)

  • Grizzly Feed Oversized (pre-filled based on Deposit Type)

When happy with your inputs, click NEXT - Economics. 

From the Economics page, you have the option to test your project against various tax rates and royalty models.

Please note: The Economics page will fill with data based on what country and province/state you have chosen for your project.

When ready, click on NEXT - Executive Summary to produce and interactive, detailed, downloadable summary report on your entire project. Spend some time looking at the various drop-downs on this page and the breakdowns of your project phases.

Finally, you can move to the Analysis page by clicking on NEXT - Analysis. On this page you can alter the commodities and their data as well as the project cost deviations in order to test your project under different circumstances.

Congrats! You have completed your first project with Evaluate!

You can always find your project and jump back in by going back to the Project List tab.

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