1. Once you have narrowed your search and selecting the correct view, under Tabs, you will see a document symbol with an X (Create Excel Document) – click this and it will process the information from the search parameters.

2. You will receive a message stating, “Document is ready to download.” 

3. Click the Download Results button and the excel spreadsheet download.

4. Wanting more Tabs to be included in your download?

  • Click the cog symbol under Create Excel Document called Customize Your Excel Download.

  • This feature allows you to download your search from more than one Tab on Mining Intelligence. Make sure to check the boxes of information you would like to include in your spreadsheet.

After this is done, click Create Excel Document once again to reflect the changes and download once more.

Please note, any customer downloads you make are for your use only. Without written permission, this content may not be reproduced, copied, captured into a database, or duplicated in any form, as permitted under copyright law.

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