First you should Sign In.

If you do not have an account you can create one here.

Once you are signed up and signed in you can Post a Job:

Clients WITH existing credits can post a job from their company's Credit Balance page:

Clients WITHOUT existing credits can post a job from the single job posting option:

Fill out the details of your position:

Make sure to Save and Continue!

Job Templates: If you have posted with us before you can use a Template to speed up your posting process.

This is great for posting multiple positions with similar details such as Location, Work Term, Work Load, etc.

A Template pre-populates these fields to make life easier!

Preview your Job:

Once you're ready you can Preview your Job, go back and do some editing, go to your cart or add some Supporting Documents:

Once you are ready you can Go to your Cart and complete your payment


Going to your cart:

Then confirming your credit usage:

For Recognized Employers and Employers of Choice Clients, credits which have been purchased as part of their individual packages will be counted against their total.

These clients will be able to see the number of credits remaining after payment.

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